Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've been running on pure adrenaline the past week. I am SO EXCITED THAT the MOVIE IS FINALLY COMPLETE! I mean, of course I could nit-pick to death, but for all intents and purposes BUTTERFLY RISING THE MOVIE IS DONE! It has exceeded my expectations in every way. I realized A LOT about myself during this process-- I really feel like folks who make a movie are truly 'getting made' in the process-- there's lots you're working out externally (as it relates to the movie) but you're also working a lot out inside yourself, too. Can you find the opportunity in the 'setback'? What happens when things don't go the way you'd like-- will you keep a door open to the idea that, sometimes, what you've been presented is actually a BETTER option? I was always the slow and plodding type (definitely a late bloomer, LOL!) and I never thought I'd be the girl who wrote, directed and starred in a movie, who wrote a book and all. NEVER. Not saying that I had low expectations of myself, just that, as I kid, I mostly struggled with my confidence and my place in the world. And then, something happened—I buoyed my confidence and became less concerned with trying to be like other people and just started, well, being myself. It was lonely and scary at first, but I felt happier and lighter that way, so I did it more and more and more and then...ah. I feel good. No, GREAT!

I can't wait to share this movie with the world. Now, I'll warn you, it is a provocative film in many ways and will DEFINETELY inspire dialogue about men/women/love/loss/faith and dreams. All of the people you'll meet (Rose, Lilah, Esther, Henry, Daniel) are deeply flawed but really...perfect (there's that dual nature stuff again, LOL!). I hope you love them as much as I love sharing them with you.

XO T:)

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