Thursday, March 17, 2011


So...wus up, ya'll! (yes, I'm a New Yawker, but I have an affinity for All Things Southern:)

This is my first blog post ever in the history of the universe! Welcome and thanks for coming to check me out. I recently had a contest on our FB page to name my blog: we had a slew of TERRFIC suggestions come in, and the winner was... Jennifer Murillo! She suggested WRIGHTING REVOLUTION!! Get it? Wright/Wright! Don't you love it???

I loved the second word, too-- 'revolution'. During this whole book and movie process ( a seven year journey!) I've been aware of the fact that I've made some pretty unorthodox decisions: self-publishing my book, producing my movie independently. I hope to be part of a movement of artists who encourages other artists to create their own destinies and take matters into their own hands as opposed to waiting for someone to validate their dream. Say yes to YOU while you're learning, working and honing all there is to do and be as it relates to your craft. Be GREAT.

Anyhoo, folks have been suggesting I write a blog for a while now but, I gotta admit, I was a bit reticent about doing it. I'm terribly private and blogs just seem so...well, public! I was a pretty shy kid who became an actress (go figure!) but always had my writing to help process my 'introverted' self. It is a bit of a dual nature—actor (extrovert, external, need people) and writer (introvert, internal, needs paper and pen only), but for me, it works. Folks ask me all the time which one I like best, the acting or the writing. It's a difficult question: how do you pick your favorite child? I love acting AND writing, they both feed the dual sides of my nature and, interestingly enough, one helps the other.

I'll talk about all kinds of stuff in WRIGHTING REVOLUTION, including my journey of making the book/film, musings about life, what's going in my acting world (hey TRUBIES!! You guys are THE BEST!!), etc. I've met some pretty cool people online and realize we're all much more similar than we are different: we all have hopes, fears, hurdles, countless sublime and unexpected moments plus everything in between.

I hope you'll come back and hang with me.

XO T:)


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  2. Welcome to the blogosphere from two fellow New Yawkers!!! Error in 1st post, that's the reason for deletion (sorry!)

    We look forward to keeping up with you and your latest projects here; we are sisters & truebies who write a blog on social issues through the lens of True Blood (with a uniquely feminist twist) and we share your goal of harnessing new media to facilitate connections across differences and to open potentially transformative dialogue.

    We had never even read a blog before we felt so compelled by your show to launch one of our own - so it seems we share the DIY streak. Also, the butterfly has been my (Rachel's) personal totem forever, tattoo and all - change, although it's hard and we sometimes resist it mightily - is the essence of life!

    We are quite intrigued and moved by Butterfly Rising and were it not for prepping an academic presentation on True Blood for an upcoming popular culture conference we would love to come to your NYC book signing this month. Hope to catch it at a festival this summer (have you considered the Hamptons Film Festival?).

    Your TB character Kenya is ripe for discussion too; if you should have any time between writing, book tour, True Blood, film work, and well, maybe breathing (although that, along with sleeping can seem like a luxury - we know -we can relate) perhaps you'd like to check out our blog at:

    We'd be honored to be able to interview you at your convenience.

    Thanks for all you do and best of luck with this new endeavor!

  3. Love to talk to you guys! E-mail me at Talk soon!

    XO T