Sunday, March 31, 2013


When I made BUTTERFLY RISING, I told myself I would not force convention this little film about big things: I would let it tell me what it wants to be. The little Movie that Could spoke, and I listened: we will be screening BUTTERFLY RISING at select cities to those who have experienced grief; families who have experienced violent crime; churches, community/women's centers and any GROUP(S) OF PEOPLE WHO NEED THEIR FAITH RESTORED AND THEIR HOPE RENEWED. As some of you know, the film was motivated by the death of my young brother, so this is a very personal story and the last lap of a final, transformative journey--to date, the most important one of my life.

We've partnered with the great ART SANCTAURY in Philadelphia, PA for our first screening: April 17, 2013. THIS SCREENING IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! We will have similar, smaller screenings across the country (some with food, others with music!). An invite-only screening will take place the next day, just for Families of Violent Crime. Soon, we'll launch a KICKSTARTER to raise funds to get us to wherever we're needed most (details coming soon). Friends! Family! I hope you will join us! --xoxoo 

Wanna help spread the word about our upcoming Kickstarter? WE NEED YOU! Please e-mail us at

Keep Rising,