Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I’ve got to admit, I knew the 2012 London Olympics were approaching, but it was a distant thought in the back of my mind-- there’s so much going on in my brain at the moment, I didn’t really give it much thought.
Sometimes, to ease my mind, I watch television. It gives me a break from some of the intense mental focus I have to do. I don’t watch TV regularly-- there aren’t any shows I HAVE to watch (except TRUE BLOOD of course, LOL!). I tend to go for the non-fiction stuff: PBS, hour-long news shows (I can’t stand the 5 or 6 PM daily news shows with all of its gloom and doom, blood, guts and gore). At 7PM I watch Access Hollywood and E News.  Sometimes, when they’re not talking about who’s sleeping with who or what someone’s wearing, I can find out some interesting facts about projects going around town, who’s attached to what, etc.
This week, though, a lot of programming has been  re-routed to accommodate the Olympics! I found myself mildly interested then growing pretty obsessed with the outcomes of some of the Olympic sports: swimming, and the dual between Lochte and Phelps; the “fab five” women’s gymnastics team (and their desire to be called the “fierce five” instead). I have even watched some sports I didn’t know went to the Olympics (water polo??) and found myself rooting for EVERYONE to win. I marveled at the athletes’ physical strength as they fought the waves uphill and down, racing to the finish. Some were more “successful” than others but at this stage, when you’re an elite athlete, it all comes down to milliseconds--splitting hairs--timing and plain old fate. Look at Jordan Weiber.
The one thing I noticed that ALL the athletes had in common was their SHARP MENTAL FOCUS and their POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  I read a blog post written by Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglass for ESPN ( where she uses the words “thinking,” visualizing,”  and seeing her “dreams becoming real.” I learned a lot from listening/watching the Olympians:
1.  the importance of MENTALLY SEEING what you want to achieve
2.  the power of determination
3.  sacrifice 
4.  the WILL to be a champion
5.  intense and consistent physical training
6  belief in oneself!
I’m gonna do this stuff on the stuff that I’m working on. Do it with me, too, and let’s check in with each other on our results!
Keep Rising,
Tanya Wright