Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today is my birthday! And what a great one it is. In exactly 5 days I will premiere the movie I worked so hard to get into the world: BUTTERFLY RISING.

I have received countless well wishes from folks I know and --wonderfully-- quite a few from folks I don't. I have had a number of people in Seattle reach out to me online and ask if I needed a hand. BUTTERFLY RISING is a VERY INDIE movie (LOL!) so there's little or no money for conventional marketing/advertising. I have been struck, though, by the number of people whom I'VE NEVER MET who have offered to spread the word and lend a hand in getting the word out about the movie.

Tomorrow, I will get on a plan and leave for Seattle. I'll spend some time at Seattle Central, visit the folks at Amazon.com and even stop at The Butterfly House at the Pacific Science Center! I have promised myself one thing: to keep my eyes WIDE OPEN and take everything in-- the smells, the colors, the people, the...everything.

THANK YOU, Seattle, for hosting me and for reaching out. I deeply appreciate it:)

XO T:)